The MSB Banking Services You Need

September 01, 2016

As a money service business, you need more than just an MSB bank account, you need a full range of MSB banking services in order to stay up and running. National Check and Currency offers a complete suite of financial services, in addition to real MSB bank accounts. Read below to learn about NCC’s three-pronged approach to MSB banking: robust compliance, redundant banking partners, and efficient MSB services. We offer the MSB banking services you need to stay up and running!

MSB Banking Services to Stay Compliant

The foundation for all of our MSB services is a strong compliance program. We make your money service business attractive to banks by using intensive compliance checklists, clear and constant digital communication, and cutting edge technology.
We recently reaffirmed our commitment to MSB compliance when we hired former Federal Agent Mark Ochab as our new Director of Banking. Mark’s impressive MSB compliance experience and background fighting financial crime make him a formidable partner for our money service business clients.  With Mark at the helm, we continue to surpass the basic compliance standards set out by FinCEN. We do the heavy lifting and our clients enjoy compliant and profitable MSB banking services.
If you are looking for specific information on MSB regulations, the FinCEN website offers a comprehensive list of MSB compliance requirements, as mandated by The Bank Secrecy Act. FinCEN also keeps posts their latest announcements and regulations on the MSB section of their website. Additionally, here is our own checklist for MSB compliance that we use to ensure our clients meet the requirements for compliant MSB banking services.

Services Backed by Reliable Banking Partners

Our MSB banking services are unlike anything else available. First and foremost, we use redundant banking partners to keep your money service business up and running. Our Director of Banking, Mark Ochab, works tirelessly to build our network of reliable MSB friendly banks. We have extensive experience working in the MSB industry and we know that redundant banking partners are the only way to ensure that you stay up and running in the face of indiscriminate derisking.
Money service businesses have been fighting an uphill battle to stay banked ever since FinCEN’s Operation Choke Point, which lumped money service businesses together as “risky businesses.” As we continue to fight this stigma and create banking opportunities, the only real security against losing your banking partner is having a network of banking partners to fall back on if needed. Our redundant MSB banking services bring peace of mind to money service businesses and their owners.

Additional Financial Services

Beyond reliable bank accounts and strong banking relationships, we offer a myriad of other msb banking services to keep you up and running. Our additional MSB banking services include remote deposit capture technology, POS identification systems, technology to facilitate instant communication between the MSB and the bank, lower cost lines of credit, 24/7 deposits, armored cash transportation, and faster rotation of your working capital.
Our range of MSB banking services is designed to help you run an efficient money service business, stay compliant, and enjoy a profitable banking relationship. National Check and Currency offers a complete solution to make the lives of our clients better!

Why You Need Our MSB Banking Services

As a client of National Check and Currency, you will enjoy a real MSB bank account, our comprehensive MSB banking services and access to our team of industry experts. Instead of scouring the internet to find just one MSB friendly bank, become a client of National Check and Currency and let us do the work for you. As we move forward, our Director of Banking, Mark Ochab, is constantly building new banking relationships, supporting our current banking relationships, and looking for new ways to serve our clients.

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