A Wide Array of MSB Banking Services

National Check and Currency’s clients provide a wide array of services to their customers. NCC ensures sustainable banking, preventing any interruption of your business.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

RDC begins with your computer’s high speed internet access, a scanner, or in some cases, an existing POS scanner, which will send check images from your business location(s) to your merchant account electronically.

RDC software, installed at any merchant location(s) worldwide, allows your staff to simply scan customer checks into electronic batches. The verified and uploaded items are delivered securely via the internet.

Wire Transfer

National Check and Currency recognizes our clients’ differing needs when it comes to transferring funds, relative to the immediacy and finality of settlement and the cost, value, and volume of transactions.

NCC’s MSB-friendly Financial Institutions provide our clients with the ability to send and receive Wire Transfers.

ACH Credits & Debits

NCC provides clients the ability to transfer funds via ACH, depending on the urgency to access funds and/or value.

ACH transactions are usually settled within forty-eight to seventy-two hours.

Availability of funds is at the discretion of the recipient bank.

Armored Cash

Armored Cash Transportation (delivery/pick-up) provided by a network of reputable and reliable armored service operators, experienced in working with the MSB industry.

“Day of Delivery” Credits and/or Debits on Armored Cash Transportation services, saving MSBs additional costs associated with most banks’ “day of order” charges.

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