California Check Cashers Now Have Banking Options With NCC's Expanded Services

July 09, 2019

Check Cashers Can Enjoy Accelerated Rotation of Capital and “Next Day” Funds Availability

LOS ANGELES, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — National Check and Currency (NCC) expands check cashing services for California money service businesses (MSBs) in the greater Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego markets.
How NCC Is Helping California Check Cashers:

  • Redundant Banking
    Through NCC’s reliable network of 5 MSB-friendly banks, check cashers can enjoy direct, redundant banking and protection from the threat of discontinuance.
  • Extended Processing Deadlines
    NCC offers extended processing deadlines and Check Cashers can now make deposits until 11:00pm EST / 8:00pm PST and Sundays until 11:00pm, enabling MSBs to manage their business on less working capital, reducing/eliminating the need for lending lines or uncollected interest charges.
  • Cash Vaulting
    Check Cashers now have access to NCC’s network of cash vaults facilitating daily armored cash deliveries on Check Deposits. “Day of Delivery” Credits and/or Debits on Armored Cash Transportation services, saving MSBs additional costs associated with most banks’ “day of order” charges.
  • Nationwide Remote Cash Delivery
    NCC has the first nationwide cash logistics pick-up and delivery service for the check cashing and money transmitting industries, allowing MSBs to transport insured, trackable cash to and from any MSB location, anywhere in the country.

NCC’s Director of Sales, Steve Bessen, affirms, “Banking relationships for California Check Cashers have proven to be a challenge after numerous bank mergers and concerns over compliance continue to plague the industry. NCC has created strategic partnerships with key, MSB-friendly banks, and specialized money service providers thus allowing us to offer comprehensive MSB banking services, including armored cash delivery, to the greater metro areas across California.”
NCC Customer Benefits:

  • “Next Day” funds availability
  • No limits on amounts or item deposit types
  • Weekend deposits available Monday at 9:00am ET, as cash
  • No long-term collateral requirements or Certificates of Deposit
  • Dishonored Items returned electronically
  • Portfolio of MSB-friendly banking partners

About National Check and Currency
NCC dedicates 100% of their time and energy to offering financial services to MSB’s. Their commitment to providing the best MSB financial services in the industry is exemplified by their gratified, growing clientele; serving well over 100 Money Service Businesses, operating in hundreds of US locations.
Media Contact:
Andy Benjamin

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