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How do I get your system at my location(s)?

NCC’s IT department will work with your staff remotely, from our corporate office and simply install all necessary software on your computers. We will walk you through the entire process, from scanning the items, tracking the progress of your deposits, confirming receipt of your funds in your merchant account, all the way through notification of returns and re-presentment.

Our IT service department is available 24/7.

How fast will I have access to my money?

As long as your deposits are submitted before the bank’s designated cut-off time, your Monday through Friday deposits will process overnight through the Federal Reserve and land in your merchant account by 9:00am ET the following morning. Your weekend deposits will be presented to the Federal Reserve on Sunday night, allowing your cleared funds to appear in your merchant account on Monday morning by 9:00am ET.

Why should I send my money to NCC instead of sending it directly to a bank?

A client does not send their money to NCC. NCC never takes possession of the funds at any point in the transaction. The bank account is opened in the name and EIN number of the client’s corporate entity. All deposit data information goes directly from the Merchant location(s) to the Federal Reserve for settlement, then those funds land in the MSB’s Merchant Account at the bank of first deposit (established for the client by NCC).

How long will it take for me to open an account with one of your partner banks?

The length of the process depends on how long it takes for a client to return a completed application package to NCC. After NCC receives an completed application package, we can generally establish an account in two – three weeks.

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