Why National Check and Currency

OUR philosophy

Faster Rotation of Your Capital

NCC’s allows our clients to accelerate the rotation of their working capital.

This is the opposite philosophy of the traditional banking model which is based on trapping and floating your capital for as long as possible.

Better rotation of the client’s working capital allows NCC’s clients to manage their business on less working capital, reducing or eliminating the need for lending lines or uncollected interest charges.

Weekend deposits are settled Sunday evening by the Federal Reserve, posting as cleared and available funds in the merchant account by 9:00am ET each Monday morning.

Mitigate Lending Line Expense

NCC’s accelerated delivery mechanisms will allow your business to rotate capital more expeditiously.

Greater access to your funds will eliminate the need for lending lines and unnecessary fees associated with uncollected interest.

Reconcile Throughout the Day

Deposits can be executed 24 / 7.

Our Check 21 vendors deliver client data directly to the Federal Reserve Bank for settlement, then for further credit to our partner MSB-friendly ODFIs.

National Check & Currency provides unlimited access to MSB banking services and cash access.

Integrate With Your Existing
Point Of Sale Software

Retain your own data, securely stored on your PC hard drive, with no dependence on third party or other proprietary bank systems.

The check images and data are at your location, enabling flexible manipulation and integration with your back end accounting systems.

Manage Risk

Eliminate posting errors.

Information and control will be at your fingertips: view, print, or send any single item (front and back image information), or report on total activity year to date, from one or all locations.

All account information is SSL secured and available 24/7 on your management website.

Delegate access rights to staff for a single terminal, or multiple locations, ensuring the protection of confidential information.

Protect yourself from employee fraud with our tamper evident system, by tracking and comparing balances between your office, your website and your account.

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